Spring Rain Global Pioneers the creation of the philanthropic Development System among donors and donees thus creating a sustainable ecosystem

Leading Global Partner Towards a Sustainable ecosystem among donor and donees and towards sustainability of mission through financial planning and philanthropy

Welcome To Spring Rain Global Consultancy

Spring Rain Global’s journey for 10 years was a merging force from standing through trials and challenges at the same time taking heed on victories and success shared for and among each other.

Our Core value is STEWARDSHIP.

Faithful to its calling to serve varied organizations entrusted in our care in the field of financial planning and philanthropy, we remain steadfast to uphold the professional essence of philanthropy development to build up the donor – donee relations, thus sustaining the mission.
Over the years, its growing philanthropy development ecosystem from various organizations in the Philippines, Singapore and the United States has fueled the company’s direction to keep abreast the needs of time and keep global philanthropy be in the core of our greatest thrust to bridge hope, reach heights and continuously generate roadmaps where visions come alive.

  • Our niche markets:
  • religious congregations
  • schools
  • benefactors
  • Because of our significant impact and in answer to the needs of time, we extended our services to the corporate world.

We believe that in the process of collaborating together and empowering each other, the world will be made complete.

CEO, Glenda Miro Antonio RN RFC CFRM DM-EM

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